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If you are a patient with a concern regarding the quality or safety of the care you received at any of our clinics, you are encouraged to report it to the clinic administrator at the location of your concern.

It was 1973 and healthcare for migrant and seasonal farm workers was almost non-existent. Underfed, poorly clothed and with little to no education, the farm worker community was facing a health crisis that was not being addressed at a local or national level.

Respected physicians - Dr. Paul Monahan, Dr. Donald Gargas and Dr. Julie Ricking - cared deeply about this ‘forgotten’ community and, together with a group of committed care providers, set up the clinic in a small house made out of plywood and built by VISTA volunteers. Conditions were far from perfect, but it was a start.

We’ve come a long way since and Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic has grown into a Joint Commission-accredited communitymigrant health center, and is the largest community based health center in the Pacific Northwest.

Yakima Valley Farm Worker's Clinic is a medical clinic located in Yakima, WA.